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Hey you, get back here,
Can’t you see she’s hurt?
Poor lonely dear.
You helped her pull out to much fire, and now she’s been burnt.
She’s all alone in her secret place,
Sitting on her broken little rock in her broken little world with her broken little soul.
You locked up her heart in a once gold case.
Her bonfire smothered into a bunch of blackened coals.
And her face is turning crimson cause she’s crying salty tears,
Salty tears,
Salty tears.
Her face is turning crimson cause she’s crying salty tears,
Salty tears,
Crimson tears.
Didn’t your mama ever teach you to be careful with something so fragile?
You are such a jerk.
She broke pretty easy, you know she wasn’t agile.
Enjoyed the little perks?
I know you had a lot of fun.
You two played your silly games at lest a thousand times.
But you see, it seems like you shot her with a gun.
She’s cold and alone, but you’re just going to dine?
And her face is turning crimson cause she’s cr
:iconps2girl:PS2girl 30 47
As per their nature,
Float aimlessly and then,
Without a path or goal,
Just to fail.
But always seem happy.
Where as humans
Go in a straight plotted line,
But still pop,
And are never happy.
So maybe,
We should be more like,
:iconps2girl:PS2girl 21 16
Forest-under-thesnow by Joinerra Forest-under-thesnow :iconjoinerra:Joinerra 10 1 Pink Hair Doll - WIP by nati Pink Hair Doll - WIP :iconnati:nati 422 28




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Thank you for visiting my page!

Llamas will always be returned as soon as I see it.

I hope you like some of my works! :')

LITTLE UPDATE: Hello guys <3. I'm super busy recently, but I try to post some sketches at least :). Please visit my instagram if you want to see new drawings right away! Follow me if you like :).


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In progress~
The previous title doesn't really fit anymore..I kind of changed plans? :D…

Trying to get this one done soon, but I'm starting so many different ones right now. I'm having a few free days..and I don't feel like working on only one drawing because I rarely get free days recently ^^'.
Hello there!

My (really) old journal posts seem rather sad, so I thought I might give a little update on my situation. It is rather funny to read them, situation back then was kind of desperate. I made plans of applying for costume design (and at that time I didnt even know what Uni I would apply for) because I had the feeling, it would be the right thing..that it would fill me with joy. What can I say..I applied for one Uni only (which was, as I noticed later on, very risky xD) and I made it! I'm studying costume design since september and am now in my second (almost third) semester. It is amazing! I mean, you really have to put a LOT of effort and time into it but the things I learn..the things I am able and allowed to try out are so informative and helpful (and a lot of fun). I am still constantly struggling with myself..always trying to make things better (which is not always a good thing, it can be so stressful for the mind) but I'll get there. I'm currently working on a costume for a museum and it is a pretty big thing for a second semester to do I is challenging but very exciting.

When I started my study, my family and friends got curious about it (in the end, it IS a rather uncommon study, especially in germany) and the oh so wonderful question (that all artists of some sort fear) came up:"are you going to be able to make a living with it?" I mean, first of all, I'm only in my second semester, who knows what will happen! Chances of getting a job are quite low and if you're lucky enough to find something, the payment isn't too great (especially since it is a very very time consuming job). Sounds appealing, doesnt it? No, but really..I have always been that kind of person, that is trying to strive for fulfillment in me it is the most important thing to find things you enjoy doing and costume design is definitely one of it. I also believe that everything will work out somehow. I really noticed, that (despite the struggles I have with myself), I'm a rather optimistic person. I mean..not so long ago I was scared I would not find a place to study but it worked out..before that I was scared I would not be able to find a work while waiting for the study to begin..but it, again, worked out. All these wishes that I had, have somehow found a way to reality and to me, that is so fascinating. It is all a matter of perspective. Now you're here, who knows where you'll be tomorrow!

Going to bed now (it is 3 am :D) but I kinda felt like writing that down.

Good night everyone!
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  • Drinking: Water
Yes, I am still here!

I don't have access to my  computer at the moment, but as I am being quite motivated, I felt like letting you guys know, that in 2015 I will be posting more regularly. I wish I could say, that the reason for my inactivity was too little time, but it was more of a general depressive phase where I did not feel like doing anything. This year was so unproductive, it hurts. I've never stopped drawing at all but I didn't feel that anything I drew was worth mentioning, not even drawings I posted here nontheless.
Even though the rejection from that one university I applied to, made me very upset and left me with no clue of what to do with my life, I realized that it wasn't meant to be. I do not say that to calm myself or as an excuse, but because  that subject I applied to, wasn't even what I really wished for. I just couldn't see it at that moment.

As I probably mentioned already, my employer once told me "the worst thing you can do as a traditional artist is, to apply for graphics design".
And he was right. I am currently working in a design agency and, even though it's quite nice, I am heavily restricted regarding own creativity. So...I was searching..and searching, for something I could imagine to be a good thing for me and the idea I have at the moment is, to apply for costume design. I am mostly drawing figures, I always loved costumes/theatre and I am interested in history. I wasted way too much time..but I hope things get rolling in 2015.
Well, to keep it short (hah..), I am very motivated but scared. But enough of that, 2015 can only get better!

I wish you all a wonderful start in 2015 and hope you'll have a great time today!

And thank you for the birthday wishes :)


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